Ulysses 31 1981

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Ulysses 31 1981

Genre: Animations / kids / sci-Fi_fantasy

Director: Kazuo Terada, Kyosuke Mikuriya, Bernard Deyriès, Tadao Nagahama

Actors: Claude Giraud, Jacques Ebner, Amelie Morin, André Valmy, Annie Balestra, Annie Sinigalia, Arlette Thomas, Fabrice Josso, Francine Lainé, Françoise Fleury, Gilles Laurent, Jean Barney, Jean Michaud, Jean Topart, Séverine Morisot, Marion Loran, William Sabatier, Louis Arbessier, Martine Messager, Anick Faris, Adrian Knight, Howard Ryshpan, Kelly Ricard, Matt Berman, Vlasta Vrána, Jackie Berger

Country: France, Japan

Quality: HD


TMDB: 8.3

Duration: 24 min