Samurai Pizza Cats 1990

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Watch full movie Samurai Pizza Cats in HD on free hd movie streaming online website. The setting is a Japanese looking village named "Little Tokyo" where the Pizza Cats run a pizza fast food business. Little Tokyo is populated by all kinds of animals. The official governor of the town is the Emperor, but since he has gone bananas a council takes care of the well-being of the village. One of the members of this council is called Seymour "Big" Cheese, who secretly wishes to take over control of the village. The pizza take away restaurant is merely a cover for their true job... Whenever evil is afoot, the Pizza Cats are launched towards the danger from the gun-lookalike clock tower that emerges from the top of their restaurant.

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Samurai Pizza Cats 1990

Genre: Animations / Comedy / family / action&adventure


Actors: Kappei Yamaguchi, Ai Orikasa, Jurota Kosugi, Satomi Korogi, Yuko Mizutani, Kenyu Horiuchi, Maria Kawamura, Kenichi Ogata, Chieko Honda, Yuko Mizutani, Ryou Horikawa, Hiromi Tsuru, Show Hayami, Ikuya Sawaki, Naoki Tatsuta, Yasunori Matsumoto, Masami Kikuchi, Hiroyuki Shibamoto, Koichi Yamadera, Kiyoyuki Yanada, Dean Hagopian, A.J. Henderson, Mark Camacho, Michael O'Reilly, Pauline Little, Rick Jones, Sonja Ball, Susan Glover, Terrence Scammell, Walter Massey


Quality: HD


TMDB: 8.3

Duration: 30 min