Olga 2016

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Watch full movie Olga in HD on free hd movie streaming online website. Olga brings up two children from different marriages, cares about her alcoholic father and tries to adjust her personal life. The eldest daughter Anya is studying in a vocational school, she thinks that she is the only adequate member of the family, and in her life everything will be different. The younger son Timofey, whose father returned to the first family in Azerbaijan, believes that he is already a man, although he is only 11 years old. Olga's father, Yuri Gennadievich, a former football player, drinks hard and constantly lies, which often leads to scrape. And sister Lena is trying to live at the expense of men - mostly married. Eternally saving relatives from troubles, Olga lives a strange life and rarely thinks of herself until Grisha, a young and positive driver of the “Sable” hearse, falls in love with her.

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Olga 2016

Genre: TV Episodes / Comedy

Director: Alexey Nuzhnyy, Igor Voloshin, Anton Bormatov, Artyom Lempert, Pavel Oreshin

Actors: Yana Troyanova, Vasily Kortukov, Alina Alekseeva, Kseniya Surkova, Yuriy Borisov, Muhammed Abu-Rizik, Maxim Kostromykin, Anastasia Matveeva, Timofey Zaytsev, Gosha Kutsenko, Pavel Maykov, Nadezhda Lumpova, Filipp Ershov

Country: Russia

Quality: HD


TMDB: 8.5

Duration: 24 min