Wait in Beijing 2020

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Watch full movie Wait in Beijing in HD on free hd movie streaming online website. In New York, this fashionable international metropolitan city, countless people who each have their own dreams meet or miss each other every day. Xu Tian and Sheng Xia are two of them. Xu Tian’s big dream is to become a famous lawyer. He’s rough on the outside, meticulous in his thinking and eloquent and makes use of these talents of his to survive. Sheng Xia has opened a small clothes store in Manhattan after graduating from university. She dreams of opening a store with her own designer clothes and her own brand name on Fifth Avenue one day and works very hard towards this goal. Sheng Xia has a boyfriend of three years who wishes to marry, but she always rejects him using her need to focus on her business as an excuse. In reality, he’s just not the right one for her. When Sheng Xia finally gets the chance to present her clothes in a fashion show, an accident happens and she unintentionally hurts Xu Tian in the process. From then on, the dreams of these two as well as their feelings are intertwined.

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Wait in Beijing 2020

Genre: TV Episodes / drama


Actors: George Hu, Li Yifeng, Maggie Jiang, Jiang Mengjie, Li Chun Er, He Dujuan, Leon Lee

Country: China

Quality: HD


TMDB: 10

Duration: 45 min